With the objective of offering citizens of the United States, particularly from southern California, useful information at the time of their visit to Tijuana, the Medical Health Cluster (MH Cluster) promotes an informative app from the Secretary of Safety and Protection of Tijuana.

The president of the MH Cluster, Dr. Abraham Sánchez Frehem, said that the objective is that patients and tourists who visit Tijuana can have a safe and warm stay.

People interested in installing this app on their cell phones can download it at https://visitor.policiatijuana.gob.mx, where they will also find emergency applications such as the Purple Button (app made for keeping women safe), Emergency Button, a link for opinions and complaints to police officers, location of governmental offices, and regulations of the city in English and Spanish.

"The cluster of schools and health associations held a meeting with the Secretary of Security, José Fernando Sánchez González, where we maintained close communication due to the issues of the medical community in relation to security and we agreed to generate this application mainly for the benefit of patients of the other side of the border”, Sánchez Frehem said.


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