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America's Finest City, one of the most beloved cities in the country is widely-recognized as one of the most desired destinations for future college students every year. 

In fact, UC San Diego is ranked second only after UCLA according to a recent data on the matter. In the same data, it shows that San Diego State University is also in the top 10 of the most sough after destinations. These local universities have even beating out historic schools such as NYU and the University of Michigan. 

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, just 40% of UCSD college graduates stay within our region, though SDSU does better with 60% of its graduates remaining in our local communities. 

However, these numbers aren't being considered enough to label San Diego as a net exporter of higher-educated working Americans. 

According to Ray Major, the chief data and analytics officer at the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), the data provided in the research mentioned above highlights the shortfalls involving the local San Diego economy. 

The data officer says it's a huge testament to San Diego to have such a prestigious school like UCSD based here, a school that he says produces college graduates that can go on to work just about anywhere in the world. 

“This isn't like farm to table where the closest person goes to the closest job,” Major said. “You've got a university which is rated in the top five universities in the world, so UCSD is pumping out insanely amazing, talented individuals that anyone in the world would want to hire. They can go anywhere.”

However, if there's one thing Ray Major believe needs to improve in the region, it's certainly the expansion of businesses in San Diego County. This will provide more possibilities for San Diego college graduates to be interested in remaining in the region. 

“Businesses need to be able to expand here,” he said. “We need to have a business-friendly environment where people can open their business, expand their operations, hire people, and people can work there and live relatively close by at a reasonable cost.”

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