A new study says that 1 in 4 Californian families descend into an intoxicated argument during Christmas gatherings. 

The study was conducted by the American Addiction Centers, a provider of treatment and resources involving individuals experiencing addictions. The survey consisted of up to 3,405 individuals, with the objective of studying how families in the state handle alcohol-fueled arguments during the holiday season. 

The results showed that 38% of families in California admit having alcohol in possession when partaking in a heated argument during the particular season of Christmas, on top of 4 in 5 families also admitting that they have one extended relative that they collectively consider “annoying”, and 57% of participants say there’s at least one member in the family that ends up getting confrontational by the end of the night. 

Families involved in this survey say that more often than not, politics becomes the biggest factor of each argument that takes place over Christmas gatherings. This comes as no surprise considering that each family gathering includes a variety of generations gathered in one area, with different types of mindsets and ideologies bringing different points of view to a debate. 

Up to 68% of participants in this study also say that they would highly consider Christmas family gatherings with no alcohol at all in presence, in order to avoid these alcohol-fueled meltdowns that can put a strain on what should be considered a joyful time with relatives. 

Other notable numbers in the study suggest that other argument reasons behind these types of conflicts are long-standing tension between family members, comparisons involving their financial status, and also getting heated over the competitiveness during game activities. 

Meanwhile, the study also says that holiday peace resides away from the majority of the country, with only 5% of families in Hawaii saying they experience holiday gatherings that eventually lead to drunken arguments during the Christmas season.


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