by Photo City of Chula Vista

The city of Chula Vista makes the top 25 list for happiest cities in The United States. 

That is according to a recent study, which has Chula Vista ranked at 25, and the city of San Diego ranked at 10 on a national level. This comes as good news for the county, which could proudly say that two cities from San Diego County are considered one of the happiest in America. 

The results in this study are tied to multiple factors of every individual's life, such as job security, divorce rates, depression rates, and other criteria that plays a pivotal role in the general satisfaction of residents living in The United States.  

CEO of The American Psychological Association, Arthur Evans Jr., says that the results in this study are intriguing considering the time in which we are living, which has continuously provided ongoing stress caused by the COVID pandemic. 

“Pandemic stress is contributing to widespread mental exhaustion, negative health impacts and unhealthy behavior changes — a pattern that will become increasingly challenging to correct the longer it persists,” said APA’s CEO Arthur C. Evans Jr., Ph.D., involving the timing of the study published. 

The study's top 25 happiest cities are ranked as followed, where both Chula Vista and San Diego are well-represented on the list. 

1 Fremont, California
2 Columbia, Maryland
3 San Francisco, California
4 San Jose, California
5 Irvine, California
6 Madison, Wisconsin
7 Seattle, Washington
8 Overland Park, Kansas
9 Huntington Beach, California
10 San Diego, California
11 Fargo, North Dakota
12 Minneapolis, Minnesota
13 Bismarck, North Dakota
14 Santa Rosa, California
15 Santa Clarita, California
16 Oakland, California
17 Sioux Falls, South Dakota
18 Glendale, California
19 Scottsdale, Arizona
20 Anaheim, California
21 Aurora, Illinois
22 Plano, Texas
23 Oxnard, California
24 Garden Grove, California
25 Chula Vista, California

The rankings on this study are rooted in data gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau, the FBI, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CDC, and others. The three main categories of the study consisted of Emotional/Mental & Physical Well-Being; Community & Environment; and Financial Income & Employment, which all three categories cover two dozen "key indicators of happiness." 

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