Fantastic news for coffee drinkers. 

You are less likely to die compared to people who avoid caffeinated beverages. 

According to the research study published Tuesday, people who drink a moderate amount of caffeine with a tiny scoop of sugar are found to be 30% less like to face death during the research timetable, compared to those who didn't drink caffeine. 

A health official from Harvard Med School says that this study holds a lot of weight, considering that not many factors can reduce a person's mortality rate by a whopping 30 percent. 

“It’s huge. There are very few things that reduce your mortality by 30 percent,” said Dr. Christina Wee, an associate educator of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a deputy editor of the researching journal where the study was conducted. 

The basis of the study is people who consume somewhere around 1.5 and 3.5 cups of coffee with a teaspoon of sugar on a daily basis throughout the week. 

And for those who drink their coffee unsweetened, the percentage varied between 16 to 21 of less likely mortal during the study time period compared to non-coffee drinkers. 

The interesting study was conducted over a seven-year period, analyzing a demographic of more than 170,000 individuals between the ages of 37 and 73. 

However, researches say that coffee drinkers should still utilize a healthy lifestyle, as this study doesn't quite consider other key factors that may contribute to a lower mortality rate, such as a proper diet and an active daily exercise routine. 

Dr. Eric Goldberg, a clinical associate professor of medicine at the N.Y.U. Grossman School of Medicine, says that this is great news for latte and frappe drinkers, as long as it's at a moderate consumption without reaching the "too much" limit of a physical body. 

“All bets are off when it comes to matching this with a latte, a Frappuccino, the super mocha whipped whatever,” said Dr. Eric Goldberg. “Moderation is good… but too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily more of a good thing,” he added. 

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