by Photo courtesy of the Port of San Diego

A new analysis says America's Finest City is also America's Greenest City. 

The city outed 99 other cities, according to a new WalletHub analysis, due to its results in 28 green metrics. 

Some of those metrics include greenhouse gas emissions per capita, along with other factors such the number of green-friendly policies and number of jobs produced through them. 

Peter Bauer, a professor at University of Notre Dame told WalletHub that these cities are and should continue to take action for the better of the planet, not just their individual local city. 

“We have no choice because if we do not fight climate change on all levels, all hell will break loose. This is an existential problem to humankind where the individuals, the cities, the states and counties, and the nations need to work together," professor Bauer told the Wallethub.

San Diego was ranked above other green-friendly cities such as the following: Portland, Ore.; Honolulu; Fremont, Calif.; and Washington, D.C.

However, in comparison, the state of California has been a nation-leader in the combat against the global issue that is climate chance. 

In fact, 11 of the top 20 cities on this list represent the state of California. 

The University of Notre Dame professor suggests the following examples for anyone wanting to improve their efforts in living a green-friendly lifestyle. 

“Do not buy new, buy used products. Almost every new product that is sold has a CO2 penalty on it when it is replaced in the store. Use the existing items and products longer except those that emit CO2 when using them. Also, nowadays you can put a PV system without storage (only daytime op) on your roof for a few thousand dollars so you could have free AC as an example. Drive conservatively and combine trips, use public transport, etc.”

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