by County of San Diego

Close to 150 Mexican teenagers arrive in San Diego to receive their first vaccination to combat COVID-19.

On Thursday, the Mexican Consulate in Little Italy received the wave of Baja Californians that are doing their part in contributing to the fight against the deadly virus, as part of a pilot-project that was started early November.

The project’s objective is to vaccinate up to 450 children between the ages of 12-18 coming from Tijuana by bus, and arriving in Downtown to receive their Pfizer vaccine donated by San Diego County’s health and human services agency. 

Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, Council General of Mexico in San Diego, believes that this is a monumental project going forward, especially after last week’s reopening of the border.

“Fortunately, we can count on these types of cross-border collaboration initiatives to match the vaccine levels in the San Diego-Baja binational region,” said Gonzales. 

San Diego County Supervisor Nora Vargas expressed her support for the collaboration from across the border. 

“This type of cross-border collaboration is an excellent example of solidarity and that these proven programs work and result in the well-being of everyone’s health in our binational region,” she said. 

The selection of children for this project was made by a coalition of non-profit organizations, such as Tijuana’s Boys and Girls club, Tijuana Innovadora, and other stakeholder organizations.


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