A program with incentives of $100,000 for Registered Nurses (RN) has been launched by Palomar Health, based in Escondido, California, to recruit and retain staff.

According to the program, RNs currently employed and newly eligible at Palomar Health will receive up to $100,000 during a three-year commitment period. Newly hired RNs will also receive a sign-on bonus.

In a press release, Palomar Health CEO Diane Hansen referred to nurses as "such a critical and important part of the healthcare experience, and this program will demonstrate our commitment to them." "Not only does it say how much we value and appreciate them; it demonstrates it by offering them $100,000 to be part of the best healthcare district in San Diego and the largest in California."

Part of our 'Reimagining' brand strategy is precisely to reimagine how we compensate and reward our team. We are committed to doing things differently to achieve the best outcomes for the community." For current internal staff, the commitment period for the program ran from April 3 to 21, according to the document. RNs joining the healthcare system team between April 10 and July 17, 2023, also qualify for the program.

RNs hired before April 10 were also eligible to enroll in the program. Palomar Health has an 800 square mile service area and includes two medical center campuses.

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