In a heartfelt tribute to her years of unwavering dedication, labor, and compassion, July 11 was designated as "Patricia Álvarez Day," a momentous recognition of Patricia Álvarez de los Cobos' exceptional contributions as the chairman of the Council Board of South County SD Economic Development.

As Patricia bid farewell to her role as Chair of the South County Economic Development Council (SCEDC), federal and state representatives united in a powerful proclamation, bestowing the honor upon her for her relentless commitment to fostering economic growth in the border region and championing unity and collaboration among businesses.

A priceless opportunity

Reflecting on the significance of her election as President of the South County Economic Development Council, Patricia shared, "It was a significant opportunity, especially as we navigated the challenges posed by the pandemic. The shift to virtual meetings through Zoom made connecting businesses a tough task."

Throughout the year, the SCEDC played a pivotal role in hosting economic and binational forums, promoting the region as a united entity beyond the constraints of national borders. Patricia emphasized, "Borders do not define us. Together, we can advance the region's interests, underscoring its tremendous economic importance. The immigration of Americans and trade to Tijuana has a positive spillover effect on our economy."

In an interview with CELEBRANDO LATINAS MAGAZINE, Patricia spoke passionately about her dedication to showcasing the best of the region. "I see incredible growth in the south of the County, especially in Chula Vista," she continued, referring to transformative projects like the Bay Front Project. "The developments we witness are progressing, fueled by the incredible growth and desire of this community. I am truly grateful to be a part of it. We can all unite, transcending party lines, to advance this region together."

Advocating for unity over personal interests, she urged, "The progress of this region should be our primary focus, leaving secondary interests behind."

A quick overview of her backstory

Patricia's journey to leadership began in Quincy, Illinois, where her mother envisioned her children as foreign-born American citizens. Attending Colegio Francés del Pedregal in Mexico City, Patricia imbibed a rich cultural and academic foundation. Fondly recalling her childhood friends, Patricia navigated challenges during Mexico's '68 protests, eventually working as a secretary in a thread factory. She realized that education should never take a back seat to financial pursuits.

Embarking on a year in Europe, Patricia's passion for marketing blossomed while working at Interdata, a German pharmaceutical market research company. Her outstanding efforts caught the attention of one of the laboratories, propelling her career forward.

Despite her professional path in the pharmaceutical field, destiny had a different plan for Patricia. A close friend's marriage led her to San Diego in 1989, embracing the adventure with open arms. Alongside her friend Pascal and Mr. Jose Luis Guasch, Patricia courageously began from scratch, renting an apartment and working tirelessly on a new and transformative project.

Recalling those early days, she fondly said, "We started from nothing, we were the pioneers – a beautiful experience."

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