Three males are being questioned by police on suspicion of a stabbing that took place near SDSU. 

On Sunday evening, the three males were seen surrounded by police with their hands lifted up exiting their apartment located on College West. 

According to the San Diego Police Department, the stabbing incident occurred close to 4 p.m. in the 5000 of 54th Street, after a fight took place involving a larger group pf people in the area. 

Police said that the suspects had gone back to their apartment, while the victim was later reached out by police officers outside. 

Out of the three suspects, only one of them has been detained by police, while the other two remain unknown. 

As of now, officials were reportedly seen clearing out the apartment complex on College West. 

The stabbed victim was rushed to the hospital with no apparent life-threatening injuries, according to officials. 

The names of the suspects and victim have not been revealed at this time. 


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