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Do you like a good steak? Quality wine? Nightclub scene? How about a classic Sunday brunch? 

What if I told you that you could find all those things in one place? 

Prime steakhouse and nightclub in Bonita have all that to offer under one roof. 

This Friday, June 10, Ramon Gomez will officially open Prime, a steakhouse project he's been working on for a few years that has become a reality. 

This past weekend, the steakhouse held its soft opening, where dozens of guests witnessed firsthand what this unique spot offers. The night included live music, and a sneak peek into their quality steaks, and a vibrant environment among the special guests. 

If you live in the Chula Vista area, you have probably already experienced Ramon's cuisine masterwork over the years. 

Just next door to Prime is the well-known Latin-American restaurant, Andale!, where there are over 30 draft beers to choose from, nine screens for NFL Sunday, and live music on weekends. 

Andale! is Ramon's first project, a trendy restaurant for locals living in the Chula Vista area, but he didn't want to stop there. 

Ramon always wondered why Chula Vista, Bonita in particular, didn't have a signature steakhouse for its local meat-loving community. For the most part, the Bonita area is surrounded by fast food places and local taco shops. And as valuable and convenient as those restaurants may be for everyone, Ramon says that the area has always been missing its go-to high-quality steakhouse. Until now, that is. 

"Bonita doesn't have many options for steakhouses, and we have a lot of fast foods and local taco shops, but not many places where you can go eat a good steak. All that contributed to my decision to create this project; it's ideal for this area." Ramon told ChulaVistaToday. "It's an exceptional steakhouse because it's not just a steak on your plate, but it's a family place that will offer various food options, including fish and other selections for kids. And, everything at an affordable price for the top quality of food." 

Ramon has been mastering the culinary industry for over three decades now, and he is far from satisfied from a business point of view. The highly experienced culinary master says his main goal is to open up four different restaurants, which now has him two away from accomplishing that objective. 

Rita Garcia, the stepdaughter of Ramon, says that this has been a long-time dream for her parents, who've worked hard to get to where they are today in the industry, as she has witnessed the total commitment they've put in to make this happen. 

"My stepdad, Ramon, has been in the culinary industry for 35 years," said Rita. "My mom came along seven years ago, and with her work ethic and management skills, their passion for opening a business came alive. They opened Ándale Bar and Grill and have had so much success."

I witnessed the sweat and tears put into creating what we now have, Prime Steak House in Bonita. I am honored to be a part of this journey and see this place come to life. It was not easy, but they did it. I'm so proud of my stepdad and mom for never giving up on their dreams and opening this fantastic place. I hope this is the second of many more soft openings!" she added. 

The restaurant replaces Salucita Bar and Grill on Bonita Road, just across the street from Chula Vista Golf Course & Venue. Prime Steak House and Nightclub @ 4110 Bonita Rd. Bonita CA 91902 Tel. 619-773-6163

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