Miesfeld led the field of three with 39.41%, or 7,782 votes, while Verdugo was second with 38.26%, or 7,555 votes, according to the San Diego County Registrar of Voters.

Verdugo put out a statement Wednesday morning.

“Our strong finish makes clear Chula Vista voters want a City Attorney who’s ready to do the job and whose record and roots in our community Chula Vista voters can trust,” he said. “I’m fired up to win this campaign, serve the city I’ve always called home and protect Chula Vista’s families, finances, and future as the city’s attorney.”

Former federal public defender Dan Smith Diaz was third with 22.32%, or 4,407 votes.

If no candidate receives a majority, there will be a runoff between the top two finishers.

Miesfeld was appointed as Chula Vista city attorney by the City Council in 2008 and served for two years.

The winner will serve until December 2026.

The special election was necessitated by the Sept. 3, 2022, death of Simon Silva from cancer. Silva had been a Chula Vista deputy city attorney since 2009, and his name still appeared on the November 2022 ballot. He defeated Smith Diaz, 50.6%-49.4%, in that year’s general election.

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  1. Marco Verdugo is a long time Chula Vista resident unlike his opponent Bart Miesfield who lived in La Jolla until he decided to run for City Attorney. Marco seems committed to clean up things missing in charter that might have prevent Andrea from renting a space in District 4 a few months before running for office, and then doing nothing for our community except trying to sell one of our parks when we have fewer parks than any other district. . Also she violated election laws which charterhasno penalty for.

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