by Office of Mayor Todd Gloria

San Diego City Council approved Eric Dargan to serve as Chief Operating Officer this week. 

The appointment was reported approved as of Monday, which sets up Dargan as the future replacement of interim C.O.O. Jay Goldstone. 

Eric Dargan currently holds the same job position for the Houston Public Works Department and is scheduled to take over the San Diego role as soon as November 1st.

This appointment process concludes after City Council reviewed almost 200 candidates for this San Diego-based position. 

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria says that the functioning of the city of San Diego will reach new levels with Dargan taking over this position due to his skills and experience as Chief Operating Officer. 

"I'm proud and excited to name Eric as the city of San Diego's next chief operating officer, where his skills and experience will be put to great use as we continue the work to make our city function better at every level," Gloria said in a statement. "Eric is a true public servant who is ready to tackle our big challenges from building more housing and addressing homelessness to fixing our city's crumbling infrastructure. I am confident Eric will help drive change at the city and lead our mission to make San Diego not just a fine city, but a truly great city."

Dargan released a statement on his appointment, expressing his excitement to assist Mayor Todd Gloria in the city of San Diego. 

"I'm honored to have been selected to help Mayor Todd Gloria carry out his big plans for this beautiful city," Dargan said in a statement. "I have a genuine passion for tackling significant challenges and making municipal operations as effective as possible for the people they serve. I look forward to bringing that passion to the city of San Diego."

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