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San Diego officials have launched a website that keeps the public up to date on the status of homelessness in the county. 

Over the weekend, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria's office along with San Diego's Homelessness Strategies and Solutions Department launched the website officially for the public. 

In this website, site visitors will not only be able to view updates on the county's response to the issue of homelessness, but also be able to help people in homeless situations find available resources through the website. 

HSSD Director Hafsa Kaka said that an objective in the creation of this website is the intention of having the public collaborate with the city on this issue. Whether it's by raising awareness on the issue or guiding people to the necessary resources, the city would like to see locals engaging in this topic as a community. 

“This website gives the public insight into how the city collaborates with our partners to create facilities, programs and services to help people end their homelessness,” said the HSSD Director. “While this crisis is daunting, it’s important for San Diegans to know there are effective approaches to getting folks off the street and into housing, and our team is pursuing them.”

The following services are available for visitors: 

  • Outreach team
  • Shelter options
  • Family Reunification Program 
  • Safe Parking Program 
  • Homelessness Response Program and more…

As of Friday, the website reported that there have been up to 2,955 people who have received outreach services provided by the city since the end of January, and up to 1,510 people were placed in shelters that were funded by the city as of one month ago. Additionally, the city says there have been up to 1,267 people placed in housing from July 1, 2021, to May 31 of this year. 

The city's website also shows that there are nearly 2,500 people living without shelter in San Diego, a concerning statistic for the county. 

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria this particular issue is crucial for his administration, and says that this website will help the city tackle this important issue. 

“Homelessness is the top priority of my administration and I believe it’s imperative that the city provide to the public information on all that we are doing to address it,” Gloria said. “The city has never before had a single repository for information on the various programs and services that are funded by taxpayer dollars. This new website puts that information at their fingertips," the Mayor added. 

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