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The San Diego Gulls win big against the Henderson Silver Knights with a scoreboard of 6-1 at the Pechanga Arena. 

Gulls tied their season-high in goals scored in this big victory, which extended San Diego's game-winning streak to now three in a row, and they are now slowly but surely climbing themselves up the Pacific Division standings. After this victory, the Gulls are now just six points away of catching up to the Silver Knights of Henderson, who currently is sitting at sixth place. 

Joel Bouchard, Gulls head coach, says that their goalie's performance played one of, if not the biggest role in this victory, considering the players' confidence taking care of their net. 

"Well, when you have confidence in the way you play and the goalie behind you, then obviously you know breakdowns are going to happen because you’re going to give power play, or you’re going to give a few chances but, if he’s composed and he’s knows they’re coming and he’s rested, right?” Bouchard said. "Dos was very composed on that play, to stay in the fight and that’s what I like is that as calm as he is, when there’s a play that (he) needs to be in the fight, he is."

Gulls forward Hunter Drew says that the team's chemistry is reflecting on the ice, giving credit to the whole starting line-up from top to bottom for flowing the way they did in this Pacific Division game. 

"I think it’s a team game and everyone comes together," Drew said. "The D (defense) can’t jump up if the forwards aren’t making good plays and if our goalie’s not making saves, we don’t have the puck. So, everyone’s coming together really nice and it’s really good to see." he added. 

Head coach Bouchard is confident in this team's evolution going forward, stating that collective growth in this team is showing as the season progresses. 

"The season’s a process," Bouchard said. "Obviously, we’ve talked about it a lot. It’s the growth I think that we have collectively and all the hardness and the hard moment we have that’s now, we have a style of play that doesn’t come over night that give us a chance. That being said, we’ve got to stay humble, we’ve got to stay hungry."

The four-game series between these two teams will continue this Friday in San Diego at the Pechanga Arena. 

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