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The City of San Diego has officially recognized Ukraine's Independence Day with proclamation as of this weekend. 

On Friday, local members of the Ukrainian community stopped by Mayor Todd Gloria's office for a special moment for many Ukrainians living in San Diego. 

As of this weekend, San Diego has joined several other cities across the country with an official proclamation that recognizes the Ukrainian Independence and sovereignty. 

"WHEREAS, for centuries the people of Ukraine yearned and struggled to achieve an independent state all the while preserving their culture, language and self-identity," the proclamation document declares. 

The President of the House of Ukraine says that this is historic for their minority community here in San Diego, and she's delighted to see the city embrace their culture in this manner. 

“Today’s a big day for us in the Ukrainian American community,” said Mira Rubin, President, House of Ukraine. “Independence Day in Ukraine is obviously a big deal in Ukraine…but now it’s also a big deal in San Diego as well.” 

On Friday, a representative from Todd Gloria's office read out the official proclamation on behalf of the City of San Diego. 

Other cities such as Boston and New York have recently publicly recognized and celebrated the Independence Day of the Ukrainian people, which dates back over three decades ago to August 24, 1991. 

"WHEREAS, Ukrainian Americans continue to make significant contributions to the cultural fabric of the United States, while never forgetting their rich history and heritage, more than 100 years ago since first immigrating to this great national, with which they share the collective U.S.-Ukrainian values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law," the official proclamation reads. 

For further information on any events or updates regarding the House of Ukraine of San Diego, visit their website at

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