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Bad Bunny made a stop in San Diego this weekend, but he might be sticking around for much longer thanks to SDSU. 

This week, it was reported that San Diego State University would begin offering a class that is based on Bad Bunny, the internationally famous star. 

According to reports, the course is supposed to be based on the impact Bad Bunny has made on society since the rise of his stardom in recent years. 

Bad Bunny is in town this weekend to perform Saturday and Sunday night at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. 

But, this won't be the last time the name "Bad Bunny" will be actively heard in our city, certainly not among the young local student population. 

According to local reports, San Diego State University students will have the opportunity to take a class on their favorite Latin rapper as soon as next academic year. 

Associate Professor Nate Rodriguez told local ABC that the course will specifically be digging into Bad Bunny's ability to break through boundaries regarding fashion, toxic masculinity, his sexual orientation and identity, and other factors that are not typically seen among the Latinx community. 

"Bad Bunny makes a perfect cultural anchor to be able to unpack and understand at different levels of media and representation and activism," Rodriguez told local ABC. 

One of the many admirable traits of the Puerto Rican rapper is the ability to not care what people think of him, his actions, how he dresses, anything. 

The SDSU Associate Professor says the course will also take a deeper look into this particular trait of his authenticity.

"He's being himself and he doesn't really care what anybody thinks or does and that gives people this sense of empowerment to be able to be themselves he's authentic," Rodriguez said in the same interview. "Students will be able to kind of use that as a way to navigate the digital musical terrain that we have now. They're going to learn about Latinx culture, they're going to learn about masculinity, and they're going to learn about media in general."

This isn't the first time SDSU did such thing, however, as they have also taught a class on the legendary Mexican-American artist, Selena Quintanilla. 

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