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If the world didn't know San Diego can produce world-class golfers, that has officially changed after this afternoon. 

Steele Canyon High student Anna Davis wins the 2022 Augusta National Women's Amateur, an incredible achievement for a 16 year old who many in the golf world hadn't heard of entering this weekend. 

The left-hand golfer from the Spring Valley area confidently became winner of this highly-competitive tournament, after advantage of the collapse by LSU junior student Latanna Stone over the course of the final two holes in this tournament. 

The LSU student's blown lead came as a surprise due to the fact that she had a two-shot lead with just two holes left to play. 

But then the blown lead occurred when Stone swung just a bit too strong and over-chipped her final shot before the San Diego native took over. 

The 16 year old did not seem fazed for a second during this competition, considering that she wasn't seen as the favorite in this tournament, if anything, she was by far an underdog this Saturday afternoon. 

Davis says that she just felt like she was out there having fun, no pressure, just vibes

“I don’t think I’ve ever played in front of that many people,” Davis said after the win. “I wasn’t as nervous. I knew I was an underdog in the field. I didn’t have as much pressure on me to do extremely well. I was just out there having fun.”

Her win stands out to many considering her age and lack of recognition. 

However, Anna feels like she is more mature than the typical 16 year old, and she considers herself someone who can handle grown-up things at this point of her career. 

“A lot of people look at that and they're like, ‘Your parents are letting you travel alone? That's a little weird,’” Anna said. “I think I'm a little mature for my age, and I know how to handle things.” 

Davis is currently just a sophomore at Steele Canyon High, no driver's license yet, and is, evidently, ready to take over the golfing world. 

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