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San Diego Wave FC escape Kansas City with a draw. 

On Saturday, the Wave went into Kansas City to close out their road trip before coming back to San Diego, and they came away with a 2-2 draw to grab a point for the league standings. 

The Wave were trailing for the most part throughout the match, but a late game equalizer by Alex Morgan turned into a draw that almost felt like a stolen victory for San Diego. 

Kansas City Current's coach Matt Potter said after the match that the draw ends up being a disappointment for them considering the circumstances, and gives credit to San Diego for dominating the league the way they have so far this season. 

“The atmosphere was fantastic,” KC coach Matt Potter said. “We gave them a reason to stand up and cheer, and a great San Diego team is top of the league for a reason. Ultimately we walk away disappointed, but what an atmosphere.”

San Diego goal scorer, Alex Morgan, says that although the team wasn't at their best this weekend, they will happily take the league point and come back to San Diego more prepared for their next home game. 

“I don’t think that we were at our best today necessarily,” Alex Morgan said. “Just the will to fight back, I think, was the positive to take away from today. We’re really excited to get back in front of our home fans. Our fans give us energy, and we want to continue to be able to feed off of that and continue to get wins in front of our home fans,” she added. 

Wave head coach Casey Stoney says there is much work on the pitch, in particular defending set pieces and goals similar to the ones they gave up at Kansas City this past weekend. 

“Pretty much identical two goals, really, so we need to do some work on the field,” head coach Casey Stoney said. “We need to look at the setup. We need to look at how we address that and how we give the players the best possible chance to defend in those situations.”

The San Diego Wave will be hosting the Portland Thorns this Wednesday night at Torero Stadium, a quality opponent they haven't faced since the pre-season matches. 

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