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The San Diego Zoo Safari Park says it will host all guests of 65 years and older at no cost of entrance throughout February. 

The theme park confirmed the move on Wednesday, marking all of February of next year as a Seniors Free Month for Seniors to experience its wildlife attractions at the park. 

The Safari Park is considered one of the largest attractions for tourists, located in the San Pasqual Valley area near Escondido. The park is home to a wide-ranging variety of wild animals that come from six out of the seven continents on earth with the exception of Antarctica. 

This tourist attraction consists of up to 1,800 acres, housing over 3,600 animals coming from more than 300 types of species, presenting informative opportunities for those in attendance. 

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance prides itself on being committed to inspire and expand the public’s interest in nature and the conservation of wildlife. This Alliance, along with its hundreds of partners in the region have coordinated efforts to improve the development of wildlife, reintroducing over 44 endangered species to their habitats of origin.

This Senior Free Month-long offer is only available at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and not at the San Diego Zoo that is located in Balboa Park. 

For more information, locals interested in visiting the animal park can find more details at

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