As a good person, highly regarded by the community, Nick Pattah, owner of Sawaya Brothers Market, is described, who for at least 43 years has managed a small chain of self-service stores in the area and just a few weeks ago opened a new branch on Broadway, between D and Chula Vista streets.

Identified as Sawaya Brothers Jr #2 Market, this new establishment is run by Caty Menera, who recalled that "during the pandemic, my boss supported the people a lot, offered very good prices, and on Thanksgiving, 400 dinners were raffled off, including turkey and sides, and on Christmas, toys were given away. He is a person who has always looked for ways to support the community to make the situation more bearable."

Menera emphasized that her boss is a person who has always helped the Hispanic community. "We have many Hispanic customers who come and look for products to prepare their meals, also because we offer a very high-quality tortilla that attracts more and more people, tortillas are something that identifies us a lot."

For his part, Miguel Meza, who serves in the meat department, said that "the tortillas are made without preservatives. It is the number one tortilla in San Diego, many people rate it that way, even people come from other places, including Tijuana, to buy it."

Nick Pattah's actions, an Iraqi-born entrepreneur, have motivated his customers to have a high degree of loyalty in consuming the products he offers in his markets. "Here you can find everything, I have been a customer for many years, and now with this new store, it is closer to me," said Gerardo Ortiz, a regular customer of the place.

Regarding this recent opening, Caty Menera explained that "it was necessary to open this other store because the other one can no longer keep up, all the staff supports us, we all take turns to work in both branches." Meanwhile, Miguel Meza stated that "at the market, you can find a butchery, with very good specials, prices are very attractive, and there is a variety of cuts that people like."

"I have been serving in this butchery for about two years, and I can assure you that the meat cuts are made to customers' liking," said Meza, who has 35 years of experience as a butcher.

The impacts that the pandemic has had on the economy motivate Pattah to continue looking for suppliers that allow him to offer fair prices, an action that triggers gratitude and generates community.

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