The County is starting a new program that lays out a more accessible path towards enjoying the outdoors life. 

San Diego County's official Twitter account announced over the weekend that they have launched “Experience the Outdoors Program”, which is a program that aims at getting rid of barriers that get in the way of locals being able to embrace the nature surrounding us. 

"A new initiative to spread the word about County parks, teach people about the outdoors, share fun, and promote equity, inclusion, accessibility and opportunity, kicked off Friday night with a Summer Movie at the Park at the Waterfront Park," the County's official Twitter account announced. 

There's been many reasons to why locals in San Diego have not fully embraced the beautiful nature that surround us, one of them being the various fees that is charged for simply visiting some parks, and also the specific gear that is typically worn during outdoor activities. 

The program's website addresses those barriers with the following: We understand that various barriers stand in the way of people spending quality time in parks. When we remove those barriers, for example, by providing information in more places, waiving parking fees, providing essential gear, and offering translation and transportation assistance, we make everyday park offerings more accessible and welcoming to all San Diegans.

The program will be a monthly opportunity to over 70 free outdoor events that are scheduled from June 2023 through December. The program is mainly targeting the increase of overall public awareness of the regional parks in the county. 

This experience will be divided with three separate outdoors campaigns: RAD Regional Parks Event Series, the Ride-on Mountain Biking Challenge and the Parks 101: First-Timer Series.

Promotional offers will be available for these events, including the wave of costing fees for single-day visits, waved fees on campout events, and providing free equipment to participants that partake on activities that require specialized gear. 

For any questions on the program, feel free to visit the official program's website at

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