San Diego State University will require masks to be worn on campus in instructional settings starting August 15. 

The school recently released a statement on the matter, where they addressed the new spiked numbers regarding COVID-19 in San Diego County just before the Fall semester begins for SDSU. 

According to the university, the mask mandates kicks-off on August 15 for all faculty, students, and staff regarding their vaccination status.

In their statement, San Diego State says this mask will only take effect for the first month of the Fall semester, but they will monitor COVID-related numbers to see if they could reduce it before September 15. 

In light of recent increased COVID-19 transmission and case counts in San Diego County and ahead of the upcoming fall semester, the university is re-implementing its COVID-19 facial covering policy for the first few weeks of the semester," SDSU said in a statementThis policy will be in place until Thursday, Sept. 15. Our university will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and communicate updates to the campus community as we approach that date," they added. 

The school made very specific how the university will implement the mask mandates, such as only requiring the masks for classrooms, laboratories, and the SDSU library. 

"Facial coverings are required when in instructional settings, whether indoors or outdoors. This includes classrooms, instructional labs, spaces being actively used in an instructional capacity, and the library," SDSU also mentioned in their statement. 

Also, according to the university, vaccinated faculty and staff will be able to remove their face masks once courses are in session and all students are fully masked inside the lecture setting.

"Instructional faculty, teaching assistants, and interpreters who are fully up to date with their vaccinations can remove their facial coverings when teaching as long as students are masked in the classroom," said SDSU. 

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