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The series is now tied at 1-1 in the National League Championship Series.
Padres hosted the Philadelphia Phillies for game 2 of this series before traveling to the east coast this weekend.

Well, this game didn't start off quite as planned for San Diego, as the Phillies went on to take a 4-0 lead in this ball game for what seemed to be a devastating blow to the Padres in this series.

But it didn't take long for the Padres to respond.

The Padres went on to score two runs in the second inning as well, and eventually put up an additional 6 runs late in the game to blow past the Phillies.

Juan Soto was one of the protagonists in this game as he's been since his arrival in August along with other players via trade, an arrival that has been nothing short of sensational for the new stars in town.

"It's pretty special for us," Juan Soto said. "We are really new in this city, so we are just letting the city get to know us and see what we've got and what we bring to the table."
Padres Manager Bob Melvin said after the game that this win is crucial because going into Philadelphia down 0-2 would be a tough challenge to comeback from.

"You have to win four games to win the series," Padres manager Bob Melvin said. "But you go into their place, which is probably going to be as spirited as our place is, and you go down 2-0, that would be quite an uphill battle. So 1-1 feels a lot better. There's a lot of expectations thrown at these guys the minute they got over here." Melvin said. "It's sometimes a little unfair. But here we are, we're still playing, and these guys are coming up big like they did in today's game. It doesn't surprise me."

The Padres will play the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park this Saturday for game 3 of this NLCS.

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