by Courtesy of Sweetwater Union High School District

Following each federal census, the board must approve boundaries if necessary to ensure that the population in each trustee area is “equal” and “practicable”. The board must enact any required adjustments to the trustee map by March 1, 2022. 

In 2014, the district transitioned to a trustee area elections system in order to ensure compliance with the California Voter Rights Act, which prohibits the use of “at-large” election systems. Delays due to the pandemic halted the release of census data until September 2021 when the California Department of finance approved it’s release. 

According to SUHSD Superintendent Dr. Moises Aguirre, the redistricting is specifically for trustee areas and does not impact school, nor student boundaries. 

"We invite our communities to voice their perspectives at the public hearing to equalize the trustee maps so that trustees representing voters in our communities are represented in a proportional manner ." said Dr. Aguirre

The district’s deadline for a finalized map is Feb. 28, 2022 for it’s submission to the county for use in 2030 and release in 2031. 

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