Chula Vista Public Library is awarded up to $19.5 million in state grants to reform Civic Center and South Branch libraries by 2027. 

The city of Chula Vista recently confirmed the future upgrade of both libraries through their official website. According to the announcement, the state will grant $9,735,000 each through the California State Library’s Building Forward Library Facilities Improvement Program.  

According to Deputy Director of Community Services Joy Whatley, the funding will boost the quality of both facilities to prolong their longevity for many more years within the community of Chula Vista. 

“These grants from the California State Library allow the library to implement much-needed enhancements to our facilities to ensure they continue to support future generations,” announced the Deputy Director of Community Services, who played a pivotal role in securing the state grants for both libraries. “The upgrades to our two branches will ensure the Civic Center and South libraries continue to be the nucleus of learning, culture, and recreation that they have been for decades to Chula Vista,” she added.

The grant is part of the second round of state funding for the Building Forward Library Facilities Improvement Program since its initial grant distribution year in 2021. In the first round, the state granted over $312 million in funding to public libraries in nearly 200 cities across 34 counties. The city’s announcement also confirms that the Chula Vista Public Library projects were among 34 selected libraries across California to receive a fraction of nearly $173 million in state grants. 

More on the Building Forward Library Facilities Improvement Program:

The California State Library’s Building Forward Library Facilities Improvement Program is the most substantial single investment by the state in California’s public libraries. 

“The equity-based grant program helps pay for capital projects for public library buildings that address critical maintenance needs, improve energy efficiency and sustainability, extend digital access, and expand physical access to library facilities,” the state’s official website says about the program. 

Deputy Director of Community Services Joy Whatley has stated that construction work on site will begin next Spring in March of 2024. Moreover, the Deputy Director adds that the renovations on both libraries will conclude at the same time by 2027. 

What will the upgrades include? 

The 47-year-old Civic Center Branch will acquire a variety of modern renovations, such as electric panels and services, fresh interior and exterior paintwork and stucco, a new elevator, and an upgraded heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. 

The 28-year-old South Branch will have similar improvements on site, such as flooring replacement, interior and exterior painting and stucco, and an HVAC(heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system) system. 

Both libraries combine for more than 790,000 visits annually. 

For further information on the Chula Vista Public Library, visit Library | City of Chula Vista (

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  1. The Chula Vista Orange street library needs to be relocated away from the high tension power lines! A terrible location.!

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