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The Port of San Diego gives the 'ok' to the idea of a Topgolf driving range located on the city's waterfront land. 

Commissioner Rafael Castellanos, Port of San Diego, says that these types of attractions are enormous for the district to bring tourists to the city and locals from other districts over to this part of San Diego. 

“As I have thought about the Seaport site and the Embarcadero District, it has forced me to think about Harbor Island, because I’ve been a big supporter of attractions. And I believe attractions are really important for the district — to bring people (of all types) to the district,” said Commissioner Rafael Castellanos. “I think I’ve become a convert to the Topgolf concept, with respect to what it represents and how it can create sort of a place — a place where people want to go.”

Dan Malcolm is another Port of San Diego Commissioner who is looking forward to seeing this project proceed in the foreseeable future, involving this addition(Topgolf) that has already proved itself across the country. 

“I am extremely excited … about a project that is activation-led from an outstanding tenant that has actually proved themselves on a national basis. And a tenant that told us early on that they could attract up to 500,000 people or more a year in a radius of 25 miles from the site,” Commissioner Dan Malcolm said. “If we approve it, I think it is going to be a very unique offering not only here on the tidelands, but I would imagine (the location) will probably become (Topgolf’s) flagship (location) for their entire chain.”

Topgolf would still have to provide an official description of the project, including the feasibility and financial estimates, along with lease terms negotiations before Port of San Diego Commissioners proceed with the proposal. 

We will provide more details on this potential project when it becomes available. 

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