Fireworks can be frightening for many animals due to the loud and repetitive sounds they create. This can cause them to freeze with fear, scratch doors, and even jump out or into windows and fences.

And these events are likely to happen with the upcoming 4th of July festivities.

In the City of Chula Vista, fireworks will start at approximately 9 p.m. at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center (CVEATC) at 2800 Olympic Parkway.

Here is a guide to help prepare you and your furry friends for this upcoming event.

Before Fireworks Start
If you have a dog
and have the space, try to make a safe room or area that is quiet and feels protected. You can train them to feel secure in that room by putting their favorite toys, food, and water and not forcing them to enter or do anything they don’t want to do inside. That way, they will learn that that room is enjoyable and safe, and hopefully, they will find comfort when the fireworks start.

If you have a cat, try to provide a good hiding place inside your home, it could be as simple as under your furniture or in a quiet corner.

For other small animals ( it could also apply to cats and dogs), you can get them in their cages and cover them with a blanket so it can muffle the sound. Likewise, provide bedding and a blanket so they can hide, and try to bring them indoors.

This applies to all four-legged companions. Have your pet properly identified with license tags and current telephone numbers on ID tags. Get your pet microchipped. Free microchipping is now available through the end of June at the Animal Services facility, 130 Beyer Way, for residents of Chula Vista, National City, and Lemon Grove (must show proof of residency) while supplies last. No appointment is needed, and the service is limited to three pets per household. It is also a good idea to have a recent picture of your pet in case you have to post lost signs.

When Fireworks Start
Get your dog
into their safe room and provide toys and other things they enjoy. Also, put some music on, and/or turn on the TV so the sound muffles the outside noise. Close all doors and windows and close your curtains to keep any noise from coming in. Lastly, if your dog is willing to, play with toys so they can feel relaxed, but don’t force them into doing
anything they don’t want to.

When your cat hides, don’t stress them by trying to get them out, leave them there until they feel ready to get out; try to keep them inside your house.

Our beloved pets are like family members. While we may want to include them in our 4th of July celebrations, it’s important to consider their safety. Loud noises and unfamiliar surroundings can cause anxiety and fear, and there is also a risk of them accidentally ingesting harmful substances or getting separated from us. Therefore, finding alternative ways to keep them safe and comfortable during this time may be better.

Let’s try to take care of every member of our family in these upcoming festivities.

If your pet does happen to get out, check your local shelter to look for your pet and search 24 Pet Connect at The Chula Vista, Animal Care Facility, can be reached at (619) 691-5123 or by email at

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