A reported van crash in Baja California leaves two actors dead and several other crew members injured. 

On Thursday, Mexican authorities reported that Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar, actors in the series "The Chosen One" were the two victims that lost their lives in this reported crash incident. 

According to officials, the vehicle was on the road near the city of Mulege located on the Baja California peninsula before it was reportedly overturned, resulting in two casualties and six other members of the Netflix production series transmitted to the Health Center and the Family Medical Unit of the Mexican Social Security Institute of Loreto.

The Baja California Sur government released a statement on the tragic crash, expressing their deepest condolences to the friends and family of the two actors who passed away due to Thursday's crash. 

"The Ministry of Culture of Baja California deeply regrets the death of the renowned scenic creator, actor and promoter of the Inmigrantes Teatro company and organizer of the ICBC Children's Theater Week, Raymundo Garduño Cruz. The Baja Californian artistic and community loses an important cultural manager and a great enthusiast of performing art."

In a separate tweet, the Ministry's twitter account tweeted: "The Ministry of Culture of Baja California deeply regrets the death of the renowned Baja California promoter, actor and musician Juan Francisco González Aguilar 'Paco Mufote'. The artistic and Baja Californian community lose a great talent."

After the deaths were confirmed by officials, novelist Rick Zazueta released a statement on the tragic news, stating that there's existing poor working conditions involving the production company of RedRum, especially when it comes down to the topic of transportation. 

"His death is a tragedy not only because of the theft of this talent, but mainly because these deaths are guilty. For weeks now, people close to this production have known that the logistics have been terrible. The actors have not stopped complaining about how badly they are being treated specifically on the issue of transport and logistics," he stated on his Facebook account. 

We will update our readers with more information as the story evolves. 

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