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The University of San Diego is named one of the "most engaged campuses for college voting" among hundreds of national colleges and universities.  

Earlier this week, the ALL IN’s most engaged campuses for college student voting campaign published a list of higher education schools who have made great strides in increasing nonpartisan political engagement, including college student voting. 

USD was listed along with 394 schools in total who have joined the ALL IN campus democracy challenge, who work on institutionalizing nonpartisan civic schooling, political engagement, and consistent voting action on their college and university campuses. 

According to the ALL IN's campaign, the colleges and universities must meet the following qualifications to be considered in this list. 

  • Participate in the ALL IN campus democracy challenge
  • Shared 2020 National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE) Reports with campus voting data with ALL IN
  • Developed and submitted a 2022 democratic engagement action plan with ALL IN
  • Have a current signatory to ALL IN’s higher education presidents’ commitment to full student voter participation.

Iesha Brown is president of USD Votes, a committee organized of enrolled students, faculty and administrators at their university. 

Brown emphasizes that one of the main objectives for the University of San Diego is to consistently encourage its students and staff to make an impact in political processes such as participating in midterm elections. 

"Throughout the semester one of the main initiatives of USD Votes to prepare for midterm elections was to empower as many students and staff on campus to get involved with voting and inform them on the different options they have available to them in exercising their right to vote," says Iesha Brown. "It makes all of the community outreach and hard work worth it to see that we have impacted our university in a positive way." 

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