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The U.S. consulate is giving its citizens a warning to avoid a hospital in Los Cabos that has had complaints filed against them over the years involving overcharging Americans. 

According to a health alert issued by the U.S., a facility in the glamorous destination has preyed on American citizens by abusing the cost of medical assistance, along with bullying and the refusal of releasing medical documentation. 

The U.S. consulate in Tijuana issued a "health alert" on Wednesday about the business ethics at St. Luke's hospital. 

“U.S. citizens have reported instances of withholding care for payment, failing to provide itemized lists of charges, ordering unnecessary procedures, withholding  U.S. passports, obstructing medical evacuations, and refusing to discharge patients without payment,” the U.S. consulate mentioned in the health alert. 

According to the consulate, it is known that St. Luke's hospital compensates medical ambulances and local resorts to transfer American patients to their hospital facility. 

“Please be advised that hotels and resorts in the Los Cabos area may have existing contracts or informal relationships with St. Luke’s." said the consulate. 

This comes as concerning news, as over 100,000 American citizens travel to Los Cabos for its beaches and luxurious destination every month. 

According to the Migration Policy Institute of the United States, the state of Baja California Sur, which is where Los Cabos is located, is currently ranked second in all of Mexico when it comes down to the highest immigration rate from U.S. to Mexico. 

St. Luke's hospital has refused to release a comment on the matter as of Thursday, as the U.S. consulate has began to urge American citizens to head over to other hospitals that are listed on the U.S. consulate's official website. 

The American government encourages tourists to visit the following website for information regarding general assistance abroad in Mexico:

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