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UC Sa Diego now has one of the top 10 graduate programs in the nation, according to a new ranking list. 

U.S. News & World Report released a list of the best graduate programs in the country as it stands, naming UC San Diego's campus the ninth-best in the nation for grad school. 

In addition, UCSD is ranked at the very top in #1 for doctoral students that are seeking to study behavioral neuroscience, which is a three-spot jump from the last ranking in 2017. 

The ranking also praised the school for its several selections of graduate programs on its UC school campus, and also having other programs ranking top 10 in the country such as math, geophysics, econometrics, genetics and neurosciences. 

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla says that this ranking speaks volumes to the level of prestige and distinction in its school's grad programs, and also the "world-class" professors teaching students become the best academics they can be. 

"This well-deserved recognition shines a light on the prestige and distinction of UC San Diego's innovative graduate programs across an array of academic disciplines," said Chancellor Khosla. "Through our university's wide-ranging research opportunities, world-class professors and comprehensive campus resources, each and every graduate student is supported in pursuing their passions, driving positive change and transforming the world."

Many things show the advances being made in this campus, such as the recent invention of a world-class advanced brain-computer interface containing flexible backing, which is built to allow the device itself to comply to the human brain's surface, and also increase brain recording of high resolution. 

That research is being led by highly-talented researches at UCSD's Jacobs School of engineering, the same engineering school that is exploring how to simplify reconstructing disease-causing mutations in RNA without striking a balance in precision, or compromising effiency.


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