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US Women's National Team superstar Alex Morgan joins the expansion team in San Diego. 

The San Diego Wave confirmed the move on Monday, coming as a pleasant surprise for local soccer fans in the city that have followed the women's national team throughout Morgan's career. 

Alex Morgan has become one of the most recognizable soccer players over the past decade, being a contributor to many historic achievements accomplished by the national team, scoring 115 goals in 190 games playing for the USWNT. 

She first grabbed the national spotlight during the 2011 Women's World Cup, when she debuted as the youngest player ever to make the American roster. Morgan went on to eventually score a big time goal during the final match of the tournament against Japan, which was the start of what turned out to be an incredible career in the following years. 

President of San Diego Wave Jill Ellis says this is monumental move for the soccer club and for Morgan's career as well. 

“This is an incredibly special moment for our club, our fans, and our community to welcome Alex and her family to San Diego. She is an extraordinary person, a great talent and a leader on and off the field,” Ellis stated.

Morgan's goal in the big picture is to strength the women's league in this country, and continue to pave the way for the next generations of women that want to shine in the sport of soccer. 

“I know at this moment, I want to make sure that I’m able to grow women’s soccer, I’m able to at least weed out the bad apples, and make it amazing for the next generation, for my daughter — but also make it so women don’t have to have second, third, fourth jobs along the way as well. I know that I’m very fortunate, but I realize more women aren’t able to do that,” Morgan said.

The National Women's Soccer League is expected to go underway in April of 2022, marking its 10th year anniversary since the inauguration of the country's first women's soccer league. 


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