by Chula Vista Elementary School District

The Chula Vista Elementary School District trustee Kate Bishop stepped down from her position as Board President due to controversial tweets made years ago, angering many parents in the community. 

Bishop used her presidential privileges to open the Sept. 15 meeting with an apology, stating how community members were “rightfully upset” for her reckless social media posts. “I was an aspiring stand-up comedian at the time parenting my young children and only engaging politically to vote and make offhand comments as a member of the public” Bishop said. 

Bishop was elected onto the Board of Education in November of 2020. Her Twitter account recently was made private, but not before parents were able to take screenshots. Her tweets dated back to 2011. 

“It is my serious hope that by doing so we are able to refocus in earnest on our children and their safety and education during this ongoing pandemic. I pledge to continue my outspoken advocacy for fairness, transparency and communication within our school community,” Bishop said.  The district tweeted during the meeting “Board President Kate Bishop apologized to those who may have been offended by Twitter comments made years before her election, and announced that she will step down from the Board President role, effective at the end of this meeting. She will continue to serve as a Board member.” 

Shortly after the end of the meeting, the district also tweeted  “Due to procedural requirements of CVESD’s Public Facilities Financing Corp., Board President Bishop will relinquish her president duties starting at the October Board meeting. She will remain a Board member, and reiterated her remorse to those offended from her years-old tweets.”

In a statement from the district, interim Superintendent Oscar Esquivel said those posts occurred years before Bishop’s election on the Board of Education. “Her personal tweets do not represent the opinions or beliefs of the Chula Vista Elementary School District” Esquivel said.

Although she has stepped down from her position on the board, she will remain with the title until the next board meeting on Oct. 20, when the board will decide who will take the position. “The intention of these tweets were to be funny, but they weren't. They’re hurtful and I'm very sorry. I own my past mistakes and I continue to be much more mindful and responsible going forward” Bishop said. 

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