by Photo by Horacio Renteria

At approximately 10 a.m on Dec.7 when there is usually a peaceful stillness in front of the Chula Vista E Street Trolley Station, a bush fire threatened to spread near the I-5 exit.

A thick trail of smoke rose in front of people waiting the trolley's arrival. People approached the railing to observe the tongues of fire and took out their cellphones to capture the moment as the typical sound of the grass and the bushes when a disaster starts. 

The Chula Vista Fire Department arrived on scene approximately 7 minutes after the fire ignited. A fireman from the CVPD directed the jet of water towards the rising fire to extinguish.  A light drizzle began during CVPD's efforts which aided in extinguishing the fire. 

The cause of the fire is unknown. Authorities found plastics and other objects near the site.


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