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The OnStage Playhouse in Chula Vista is set to present “A People’s Cuban Christmas Tale,” a new play by Herbert Siguenza which opens at 8 p.m on Dec.2 and is scheduled to run through Dec.19. 

“A Christmas Carol is a moral tale, a reminder not to forget to be human and kind while we chase the carrot. Dickens’ England was in the middle of the Industrial Revolution and Dickens could see the dehumanizing effects of people working in factories while the factory owners made immense profits”, says playwright Herbert Siguenza about his new play, “A People’s Cuban Christmas Tale”. 

As the founder of Culture Clash and writer for “A Weekend with Pablo Picasso”, Siguenza is well known in the theatre community. According to Siguenza, "A People's Cuban Christmas Tale" was an adaptation of a classic tale that shows there is always an alternative to greed.

"We must find a drastic change within ourselves and our systems in order to survive into the next century,” Siguenza said. 

A four piece Cuban band along with 10 actors will appear for this adaptation.The Cuban historical drama follows Ezequiel Scrooge, an American sugar baron intertwined in the political upheavals of Cuba just before it's revolution and it's future.  According to OnStage Playhouse, the production aims to celebrate Cuban people's desire for socialism and autonomy in the shadow of American economic interest. 

In a press release, the OnStage playhouse said Artistic Director, James P. Darvas and the Board of Directors made a conscious decision to be part of the American Theatre BIPOC Movement. They aim to further cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive theatre community that affirms and celebrates all artists, especially BIPOC artists. These conscious efforts follow hate mail the playhouse received in 2020, aimed at the community support for Black Lives Matter at OnStage.

Darvas said “A People’s Cuban Christmas Tale” fits perfectly within this vision and offered OnStage Playhouse. This production is set to bring to the community an adaption of a Christmas story classic that will entertain and educate. 

Tickets are available at or by calling (619) 422-7787. OnStage Playhouse located in the heart of the Third Avenue Business District, 291 Third Avenue in Chula Vista.


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