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The petition was filed on Nov. 2  in which Maricris Drouaillet wrote Maya’s three children could move to Moreno Valley in Riverside county with her family and children ages 16 and 18. Adding all three children to Drouaillet’s medical insurance and intentions to seek therapy was indicated if guardianship was granted. 

“Given the circumstances, it may also be beneficial to put some distance between the children and the media frenzy in San Diego County that has ensued as a result of the circumstances alleged to have occurred between Larry and Maya”, Drouaillet said. 

According to the filing, Maya’s three children are currently living with their paternal grandparents Benito and Judith Millete. Drouaillet states Larry Millete’s parents have not allowed visitation from Maya's family since her disappearance on Jan.7.

“Since Maya’s disappearance, Larry and the parental grandparents continue to fail to care and provide for the Millete children’s emotional health, safety and welfare,” Drouaillet said in the filing. 

Drouaillet, along with Maya’s extended family have attempted to communicate with the children before Larry’s arrest in which he refused for any in-person visitation and facilitated only one call according to the petition. 

Court documents state on May 27, the children’s maternal grandparents Pablito and Noemi Talabanza filed a petition for grandparent visitation through the San Diego Superior Court, which Larry refused to cooperate until Aug.2, when the county’s sheriff was personally able to serve him. 

Currently, the Millete children and their maternal grandparents partake in weekly visitation from 12 p.m to 3 p.m on Sundays. 

The filing cited Larry’s criminal protective order violation that resulted in phone privileges being revoked except those relating to his attorney. 

“I believe parental grandparents are acting without the Millete Children’s best interest in mind and the same continues to cause untold trauma to the children,” Drouaillet said. 

Prosecutors said he made 129 phone calls from jail at all hours of the day, with nine hours dedicated to his children.

“The children are in an extremely fragile emotional state. Larry is Preying upon their young minds and utilizing his parents to directly violate Court orders. Enough is enough and Larry’s actions must be stopped,” Drouaillet said.

Judge Maryann D'Addezio addressed this violation when denying Larry bail on Nov.4 , in addition to alleged attempts in sending threatening messages to a man he believed Maya had an affair with, and his failure to comply with the gun violence restraining order in May of this year.

“I cannot stress enough that I support the children’s relationship with Larry’s family. I also recognize that his parents also love their grandchildren. However, Larry’s family is in an impossible position,” Drouaillet said. 

The search for Maya will continue this weekend on Oct. 6 through Oct.7 at Glamis Beach Store, 5775 CA-78 Brawley, CA 92227. The search meet-up time is at 8 a.m. Individuals 18 years or older who are interested in volunteering must call 909-741-MAYA (6292). 


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