With the series “My Canvas is My Playground,” the artist of Mexican origin, Yahel Yan, will participate in Art San Diego’s 15th Annual Contemporary Art Fair to be held from November 3 to 5.

Yan’s ability will be displayed at this fair, held at the San Diego Convention Center, as part of the Local Talent program.

“Her inclusion in this program continues to put Chula Vista and the South Bay arts scene on the map as the home of San Diego County’s leading artists,” said the organizers.

“Yahel Yan’s art is a celebration of joy and playfulness. Born and raised in the vibrant Mexico City, Yan’s early exposure to Mexico’s art and color shaped her unique perspective,” said in a news release.

‘My Canvas is My Playground’ is an exploration of abstract fantasy. Photo: Art San Diego

“Her current series, ‘My Canvas is My Playground,’ is an exploration of abstract whimsy. Yan uses a vibrant palette and layers of color to evoke emotions and hidden memories.”

“Her work invites viewers to connect with the pieces on a personal level, tapping into the universal language of joy.” 

Yan founded the group F1VE art, where she and four other artists declare to have “merged individual and collaborative efforts in a creative path.” Public tours and art purchases are available at The Studio & Gallery in San Diego at 2730 Historic Decatur Rd, Suite 206.

On the other hand, Art San Diego’s Local Talent program “serves as a vital platform for emerging and established artists with studios at Arts District Liberty Station. Yan is one of four artists this year to have the unique opportunity to exhibit their work at Art San Diego 2023 as well as collaborate with Art San Diego’s philanthropic Access to Art program alongside community partners Monarch School and Humble Design.”

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