by Photo courtesy of Assemblymember David Alvarez

Assemblymember David Alvarez introduced legislation last week that would remove the authorization for a local authority to adopt rules and regulations regarding cruising. 

Assembly Bill 436 encourages cities to repeal their bans and recognizes that cruising holds cultural significance for many communities. The bill would amend the California Vehicle code to prohibit authorities from stopping drivers from cruising and driving cars that have been modified to be of a certain height. 

“It is an honor to introduce this bill to acknowledge classic cars and cruising which is an expression of art and a cultural identity for many of us,” said Alvarez. “With a partnership between car clubs, local officials and law enforcement, safe cruising events with lowriders and classic cars can provide a fun and festive event for families in our communities.”

South Bay Assemblymember David Alvarez represents the 80th District, which includes National City, where cruising was reinstated briefly last year before it was banned again. 

The California Lowrider Alliance praised the legislation, stating it would “ stand in solidarity to repeal the no cruising ordinance throughout the state of California to diminish the injustice and intolerance towards the Lowriding community and bring justice for the future of the culture and subsequent generations”. 

During the 2021-2022 Legislative session, a resolution to recognize cruising and its cultural significance was unanimously approved by the state Legislature with bi-partisan support.

AB 436 will need to undergo hearings before several state committees before being taken up for votes in both Legislative houses.

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