by Photo courtesy of Armando Najera

A cleanup effort is underway at the Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course after it flooded with water from the Sweetwater river from a storm this holiday weekend. This storm followed a series of storms that began in mid-December.  

Clean-up efforts at the Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course began on Tuesday to clear out debris and repair minor damages from the flooding, which on Saturday afternoon. The Golf Course’s general manager Armando Najera said it has been about three years since he has seen that much flooding in the golf course.

With cleaning efforts being “all hands on deck”, Najera said the golf course will be fully open by Friday, Jan.20. 

“It was about the same but a little worse. This time the flooding impacted us a little bit more because we were open for business, then closed for a few days. During the COVID closure we were already closed, so it didn't impact us as much,” Najera said. 

According to Najera, it can take five to seven days to clean up and restore the golf course back to normal. 

“The damage is nothing serious. It's just a lot of the low spots with a lot of water, and a lot of trees moving. We are keeping an eye on the trees and the bridges over the next couple of weeks, making sure everything is structurally okay,” Najera said. 

Despite losing some business during the storm, Najera said there is a little bit of a light at the end of this tunnel. 

“The golf course can benefit immensely from the water. The grass can grow with water. We have some challenges right now, but the team is hard at work to get it back for everybody,” Najera said. 

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