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The city of Chula Vista launched a program to help low-income families buy their first homes. 

Eligible families with incomes at or below 80 percent of San Diego County’s Area Median Income, which is currently $104,100 for a family of 4, may apply for a three percent interest, deferred-payment loan. 

According to a city spokesperson, the loan covers up to 22 percent of the purchase price or a maximum loan of $120,000 to purchase a single-family home, townhome, or condominium in the City of Chula Vista. The homes purchase price cannot exceed $570,000 for an attached home or $826,500 for detached homes.

Chula Vista’s First-Time Homebuyer Program began in 2004 and has assisted many households to become homeowners using local, state, and federal funds.

Visit the San Diego Housing Comission to learn more about the program administered by the San Diego Housing Comission, or how to become a certified lender at  or email

View the Chula Vista First-Time Home Buyer Program Manual & Guidelines at

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