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At nine months from the dissappearance of Maya "May" Millette Chula Vista Police Department has arrested Larry Millete, May's husband. Up until this point he had remained a person of interest through a long and methodical investigation that included a multi-agency effort from the Chula Vista Police Department, San Diego District Attorney's office and NCIS. 

Today at 11:42 a.m. Chula Vista Swat team served an arrest warrant and arrested Larry Millete at his home. Chief Roxanna Kennedy reported during a press conference at 3:30 p.m. that her team made sure he was alone when he was taken into custody and that the children are safe.

May was first reported missing shortly before midnight on Jan 9, having been seen two days earlier by her family in her residence in east Chula Vista. "As the scope in complexity grew, so did the signs and the scope of the investigative effort. The Chula Vista Police began a formal partnership with a multi-agency group that included San Diego District Attorney's office, the FBI and NCIS with the primary goal to bring May home or justice to the persons, or person, responsible for her disappearance." said Chief of Police Roxanna Kennedy.

According to the Chief of Police, to date the investigation has included over 67 search warrants, 87 interviews, review of over 130 tips and thousands of hours of methodical investigative efforts that have generated a variety of evidence pieces that have made it clear and overwhelming that Larry Millete, May's husband, is responsible for May's murder and disappearance. "Today is step toward justice, we will continue to seek justice." Said Chief Kennedy.

Larry Millete was booked into jail without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at the Southbay courthouse.  District Attorney Summer Stephan explained that murder charges can be filed despite not having a body, "we cannot let someone murder someone and gain the benefit of hiding the body in a way that we can't discover it. In fact there is case that makes it more clear that a missing body is circumstantial evidence that there was foul play and that it's a murder, because someone who takes his own life cannot hide it." said D.A. Stephan, and added  "It is important to note that it was not Larry who called the police to report May missing". Maricris Drouaillet, May's sister, is the one who went looking for her as it was unlike her to not communicate with family.

Part of the no body investigation is to look for proof of life, and according to D.A. Stephan there is no proof of life. "Finance tracking shows no proof of life, she was successful at work, committed to her children, she had her child's birthday party to look forward to. The team looked at all of her finances, there was no withdrawal of money, not before or during. All her valuables were left behind, all four vehicles are accounted for. One key piece of evidence was May's phone because being able to track that phone gives you a very important piece of the story . It was clear that May's phone was in that San Miguel Ranch neighborhood, at her home or thereabouts. That means she never left the house."

Maricriss Drouaillet addressed the public in a very emotional speech where she thanked everyone for the support, the Chula Vista Police, The District Attorney's office and the community for working on her sister's case. "It's been nine months, with the community support we were able to do it. This is overwhelming for me, I'm still trying to take it in today. It's been really hard, he's our family, [referring to Larry Millete] it's hard to go against our family. He's been with us for 20 years, my sister loved him, she gave him three kids." She made a plea to the community to help find May's body, "please help us bring my sister home. I still want to see my sister, I still want her to come home to us. If you know anything at all please, we are pleading. I still want her to come home. We made  a promise to her 11 year old daughter that we would bring her home. let the kids know the truth." Richard Drouaillet, May's brother in law, who was there supporting Maricriss added "[let her kids know} that she didn't abandon them, that she didn't just pick up and leave." and he thanked the media for helping keep the case alive and not let it "go cold".

Police has still found May's body and are urging the community that if somebody knows something to please come forward, they can remain anonymous by calling  crime stoppers. They are looking for a black Lexus with license plate MEILANI, any information regarding this vehicle around January 8, 2021, the time of May's disappearance, will be very helpful in finding the body. Also missing is a 40 caliber gun, please call and report any information of any evidence.

Crime Stoppers:  (888)580-8477

Chula Vista Police Dept. Tip line: 619-691-5139






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