by Photo by Sarah Berjan

A majority of Chula Vista voters have chosen to modify the city charter under Measure K, the San Diego County Registrar of Voters reported in the most recent update to the unofficial general election results. 

During the November general election, voters were asked to answer “yes” or “No” to the following question: 

“Shall the measure modifying the City Charter to conform with State laws, eliminate outdated provisions, clarify ambiguous terms, reorganize and reformat to improve usability, require residency and increased experience for the elected City Attorney, remove the requirement that most board and commission members be qualified electors, and to allow City Council to take action at special Council meetings, use mail ballot elections to fill vacancies, and approve bonded debt under State general laws be adopted?”

A total of 27,127 voters, or 63.3% of voters selected “yes”, while 15725 voters or 36.7% of voters selected “no”. 

Chula Vista City Council in early August unanimously agreed to place the ballot measure. 

If the measure passes, the former requirement for board and commission members to be citizens, only requires that board and commission members be residents of Chula Vista. The measure would also require the city attorney to be a Chula Vista resident, and allow all vote-by-mail balloting for special elections to fill vacancies. 

​​The County Registrar has up until Dec. 8 to certify the election results.


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