by Photo Courtesy of Lucio Lira

The International Friendship Commission commemorated the 40 year friendship on Oct. 26 between Chula Vista and it’s sister city of Odawara, Japan. 

The sister city program grew out of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s establishment of the People to People program in 1956 which provides world experience through mutual knowledge and understanding of other cultures. 

A formal request from the Mayor of Odawara was made in 1981 for a sister city affiliation with Chula Vista. Their affiliation over the years grew strong according to Chula Vista Mayor Mary Casillas Salas. 

Chula Vista and Odawara  delegates are exchanged over the years to learn about each other’s history, cultures and traditions once every five years.

“It is said that sister city partnerships have the potential to carry out the widest possible diversity of activities of any international program. We would agree. We are so proud of our sister city’s ties and friendships we have made over the past years with Odawara. As we recover from this pandemic, I look forward to continuing the program, our sister city bond and the opportunity to visit their beautiful city,” Salas said. 

A video prepared by Chula Vista’s communication department highlighting memories of past student ambassadors and host families in celebration of a long standing friendship. 

A virtual ceremony will be held on Nov. 5 at 6 p.m which can be found on the city’s webpage.

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