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The Chula Vista Elementary School District adopted a new science curriculum for Kindergarten through six-grade students that aim to immerse students in the world of science. 

Twig Science was approved for adoption at the February Board of Education meeting that will provide an interactive and hands-on science that immerses students in the world of science and natural phenomena. The new curriculum will be rolled out in a six-year process. 

The curriculum will cover several scientific topics with a strong emphasis on interactive activities for students, digital resources for teachers, and real-world examples, according to district officials. 

The Chula Vista Elementary School District began the evaluation process for adopting a new science curriculum in December 2021, and a Science Curriculum Adoption Subcommittee was formed in early 2022. 

The committee consisted of teachers, Chula Vista Educators leadership, principals, and District leadership. During these meetings, non-negotiables were determined, materials were reviewed through a structured paper screening process, and two programs moved forward for the pilot process.

“The District is excited about the new possibilities for staff and students as it embarks on an engaging and innovative approach to science instruction. The new curriculum adoption shows the District’s commitment to providing high-quality and innovative education for all students,” the CVESD said in a statement. 

Schools came to a consensus about the program they believed to be the best science curriculum after teachers could review each program. The curriculum was examined with a focus on student learning, teacher support, and assessment. 

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