Within the span of a few hours, registration for the first-ever “Engrave and Save Your Catalytic Converter” event hosted by the Chula Vista Police Department and Wheel Depot filled to capacity. 

A total of 50 people registered for the free service provided by Wheel Depot, a locally owned and operated business, will offer this engraving service free of charge to Chula Vista residents on Dec. 5th. 

Catalytic converters filter vehicle exhaust using precious metals. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB), Catalytic converter theft is up 300 percent. This event hosted by the CVPD and Wheel depot hopes to deter theft and assist police in investigating thefts. 

“With catalytic converter theft on the rise, we want to help make you a hard target by engraving the VIN on your catalytic converter. This simple act may deter theft and assist police in investigating thefts!” CVPD wrote in a tweet. 

This initiative is sponsored by CVPD partners, Wheel Depot and NICB to decrease catalytic converter theft through increased public awareness. 


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