by Photo Courtesy of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

Seasonal influenza is on the rise even in the age of social distancing, hygienic practices and face masks used to prevent Covid-19. 

The city of Chula Vista saw an increase in testing for Covid-19 according to Emergency Services Manager Marlon King who presented statistical and procedural updates on the novel coronavirus for the county and the city. 

 “It is flu season. Kids are bringing germs home and parents are getting sick. If you have a sniffly nose at school, kids are getting sent home and they are required to get a test before returning to school so we want to help out as best as we can.”

Chula Vista continues their partnership with San Diego County to offer Covid-19 updates at locations such as the Boys and Girls club at 1301 Oleander Ave. Testing will soon be offered at City Hall weekdays from 8 a.m to 4 p.m and is projected to begin Nov. 8.  

Coronavirus testing is free and “very important, especially during the winter months” according to King. 

In response to the flu season emerging, San Diego County Public Health officials are increasing efforts to vaccinate county residents for influenza shots. Officials at the Health and Human Services Agency believe this season will be more severe than the last when many people were in quarantine. 

Weekly updates are published on Wednesday by the HHSA in their “Influenza Watch Weekly Report”, which monitors San Diego County  for key influenza activity. A total confirmed cases to date were 229 compared to the last 10 seasons and average 163 at this date for the past five years. No deaths have been reported. 

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot every year. It takes approximately two weeks after vaccination to develop protection against the virus. 

People with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, people aged 65 and older and people who live with and care for others at a higher risk are all more susceptible to the flu. 

Individuals may access influenza vaccinations at local doctor offices, retail pharmacies and are covered by medical insurance. People with no health care coverage may get vaccinated at one of the county’s six public health centers or a community clinic. 

Common practices to prevent the flu include practicing consistent hand washing procedures, using hand sanitizers, avoiding sick people, avoiding touching  eyes, mouth and nose, clean commonly touched surfaces and stay home and avoid contact with others if you are sick.

Visit the county's Flu Vaccine Locations page or call 211 to find the nearest influenza vaccination location. Additionally, Covid-19 vaccinations are completely free and are offered every Thursday from 1p.m. to 4p.m. at the Chula Vista City Hall, Building C. 


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