Breathing new life into cherished Latino traditions of weekend gatherings and celebratory feasts required not just vision but also a deep understanding of the essence of these family moments.

“We made a bet on nostalgia, on the aromas, the flavors, everything we have in our memories from those family reunion moments,” said Edwin Gutiérrez, manager of the recently inaugurated Chula Vista branch.

Chula Vista is home to a dynamic Latino population, a vital cornerstone of their store’s success. (Photo: Jeanette Sánchez/El Latino San Diego)

A Butcher’s Vision

The story began in 2016 with our founder, a skilled butcher who later became the store manager where he worked. When the owners decided to sell, he seized the opportunity. What was once a traditional butcher shop, akin to a mini market, underwent a transformation. He cleared the shelves of groceries, brooms, and unrelated products, focusing solely on meats and essentials for barbecues and grill-outs. Thus, La Carnicería Meat Market was born.

The Domino Effect

As a result of this fresh image and concept, people began to flock in. Lines stretched for a block, and the success was undeniable. The second store opening triggered a domino effect. The growth was rapid, spanning Los Angeles County with 8 locations and 5 more under construction. Expanding into Riverside County and establishing a presence in Anaheim followed. Finally, a location in San Antonio, Texas, was added, with plans for further expansion.

Quality as a Commitment

There are no secrets to our success. Our commitment revolves around offering top-tier products that elevate every meal. We take pride in select cuts, quality meats, and tender cuts. While prices experienced a slight increase, it’s a cost our customers willingly accept for the promise of quality.

“It has been a success, but it hasn’t been easy,” Edwin pointed out. “We’ve made decisions that weren’t always fortunate, but we’ve learned from those experiences.”

A Real Investment

Investing in a country like the United States poses challenges and uncertainties. However, with a dedicated focus, professional work ethic, and a commitment to delivering quality and exceptional service, success becomes attainable.

Behind the Scenes

Ensuring quality is a meticulous process that involves strategic research and extensive negotiations with suppliers, both domestic and international. Our beef, chicken, and pork are sourced from ranches in the United States and Australia. We import many products, including accompaniments like cheeses, cream, sauces, guacamole, and ‘frijoles puercos,’ based on a recommendation from renowned restaurateur Misael Guerrero.

“We’ve introduced our own line of seasonings, crafted from imported spices from Mexico,” Edwin continued. “This allowed us to create unique blends for seasoning meats. Additionally, we offer a range of seasonings, flavorings, and sauces. We even import sea salt from England and Himalayan salt with pepper, adding distinctive flavors to our products.”

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

In a nod to the entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve opened our shelves to local talents who bring us innovative products. These include a line of gummy candies, sweets, enchiladas, and rimmed glasses with michelada mixes. These products reflect the aspirations of young entrepreneurs, and we’re here to support their ventures.

Contact Information:

La Carnicería Meat Market

67 N Broadway, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Phone: 619-500-5218

Website: Lacarnicerí

TikTok and Instagram: @lacarniceriameatmarket

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