by Photo courtesy of Jerrod Villiere of UT San Diego

San Diego Superior Court Judge Swayne Morning on Wednesday ordered Larry Millete to stand trial for the murder of May “Maya” Millete, who was last seen on Jan.7 at her Chula Vista home. 

The ruling comes on the tenth day of the preliminary hearing which the prosecution featured about 20 witnesses, including law enforcement, family, friends, and coworkers of the missing mother of three Maya Millete. Defense Attorney Bonita Martinez did not present any witnesses. 

 The 41-year-old defendant Larry Millete is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 14 in Chula Vista for trial. 

On the ninth day of the preliminary hearing, technological evidence obtained through various search warrants was presented. The evidence includes emails to “spell casters”, Maya and  Larry’s phone locations, and a recording of one of them fighting over her alleged extramarital affair. 

According to District Attorney Investigator James Rhoades, Larry Millete bought 70 spells over four months. Rhodes testified that Millete spent $1,154.07 on magic spells that would bind Maya to him. Some of the spells Larry sought out was to injure Maya. 

Mathew Grindley, an investigator for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office testified on Larry’s internet search history, which included “What are the symptoms of a nervous breakdown,” “subliminal wife training," “my wife doesn’t want me to touch her,” “Common over the counter meds to incapacitate adults,” and “rohypnol.” Grindley said Rohypnol is commonly referred to as a roofie, or date-rape drug.

Chula Vista Police Detective Jessie Vicente testified on Monday that he discovered Maya’s “secret” Instagram account used as a personal diary of sorts, and to communicate with the other man. Vicente’s testimony also centered on Larry’s alibi on Jan. 8, 2021. 

Vicente testified that on January 8, 2021, when Larry told detectives he was allegedly at the beach, the high was 63 degrees and the low was 50 degrees, with foggy conditions. According to Vicente, police reviewed surveillance video from Solana Beach and Torrey Pines State Beach and were not able to find any evidence and corroborate that Larry was at either beach.

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