by Photo courtesy of Jarrod Villiere, U-T San Diego

Judge Maryann D'Addezio ordered Larry Millete on Wednesday to only speak with his attorney from jail after violating a criminal protective order prohibiting him from making any contact with his three children aged 5,10 and 11. 

Since his arrest last week, Millete has made 129 phone calls to his parent’s home where his three children are currently living, according to Deputy District Attorney Christy Bowels. At least nine hours of recorded calls took place with his children and other calls were just with his parents. 

The order placed last week to prevent him from causing any additional emotional harm. Bowles said the children are “traumatized” and Millete’s parents were “assisting him in violating the protective order” by enabling the phone calls. 

Maya’s family was mentioned by Millete in none of the calls and he asked his 11- year old to read the headlines to him. He also told the youngest two children to watch “Shock Caller”, an R- rated film about a family man who was incarcerated for murder after a plea deal and becomes a hardened prisoner in order to understand the environment that he is in.

A copy of the criminal protective order was requested by Bowels to serve to the Millete’s to clarify the conditions that no phone calls, e-mails, visits or conversations with the children are allowed through the parents.

Superior court Judge Maryann D’Addezio said she read it “word for word” when it was issued to Millete last week, then she directly addressed him calling the protective order an “order” and not a “suggestion or a request. 

At the end of the hearing, D’Addezio declared Millete’s phone privileges are exclusively for speaking with his defense attorney, Bonita Martinez.  


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